University of Urbino



The University of Urbino is located in a magnificent Renaissance city, in the Unesco’s World Heritage List . The University grew out of the Collegio dei Dottori which was already active around the middle of the fifteenth century and authorized to act as a legal consultative body and an appeal court. It started functioning as a university in 1506, under Pope Julius II. Nowadays it is a State University, whose departments are generally located inside the city walls. The scientific laboratories are mostly located in a modern Campus nearby the city. Some teaching courses are delivered in Pesaro (Oriental languages) and Fano (Biotechnology).

The University of Urbino numbers 8 Departments and 13.572 students. International Students are 7% of the total. The students are more than the ordinary inhabitants, so the city appears particularly young and vibrant. Urbino can justifiably be considered a city and campus all in one. It provides the ideal setting for a university: the ancient city centre is on a human scale. Everything is within walking distance and there are numerous opportunities for meeting local people, teachers and students.

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